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Welcome to Shoey's blog!

Welcome to this click chick's blog which is a showcase for my recent projects, obsessions du jour, and ideas to help you get the most out of your special event or portrait session.

I'm a Berkeley-based wedding, bar and bat mitzvah, chileren and family portrait and business portrait photographer who is happy to photograph you anywhere in the world.  Fun is what I live for...yours and mine. Your wedding or special occasions are touching, sweet, traditional, serious, and fun.  I get into the mix with you capturing the energy of the moment that lasts a lifetime.   My ultimate goal is for you to show your authentic selves and end with a series of images that will remind you of a special moment in your lives and become part of your family's treasures.

I photograph on-location and in my Berkeley studio to get the look you desire.  We can go to your or my favorite park, your back yard or home or the beach.  I also have a very versital studio including an edgy brick-urban space.  I photograph business headshots, portraits for social media, high school seniors, babies, families, pregnancy and other portraits.    

Come visit me at 1607 Solano Ave, Berkeley or call 510-917-0659 to schedule a session.

Putting your best face forward + finding the write words. Online Dating Workshop

Join portrait photographer Shoey Sindel and writer/editor and connection coach Julie Feinstein Adams (a.k.a. The Matchmaking Maven)

Thursday, June 19 at 6:30 p.m.

for a lively and informative evening of useful tips and hands-on activities to help you make the most of YOU ~ who you are and what you have to offer ~ in order to attract the partnership you desire.

View Shoey’s portfolio here:
Learn more about Julie’s online dating coaching, here:
Tickets: $35 per person ~ or ~ bring a friend for $50 for two!
Drinks and light snacks will be provided.

Register at Eventbrite


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Come alone or bring your friends!


I’m a hip, hippie hipster with a little help from my friends

As some of you know, I just joined the league of super-heroes known for their bionic limbs.  I just had a hip replacement surgery!  Huh?  ”But Shoey, you’re so young, so athletic, so hip and cool.  What’s up with the new hip?”

It all started 25+ years ago when I was hiking in the French Alps and ended up fracturing my leg.  Two surgeries later, hundreds of hours and gillions of dollars spent on rehab and therapies ranging from going to therapeutic gyms to having my energy re-aligned never fixed the problem.  Even so, I was still able to ride my bike and boy did I ever.  Two trips to LA on the AIDS LifeCycle and hundreds of training miles felt great…until I finished my second SF-LA ride last June.  My hip was finished allowing me to torture it any longer.  Time for a serious orthopedic intervention.  Time for a new hip.

It’s been only 3 weeks since I had surgery and I’m feeling fantastic! In addition to the love of my life, David Newdorf and my amazing mom who cared for me and made a life-time supply of chicken soup, I wanted to publicly thank a few friends whose kindness and expertise helped me feel my best quicker.  There are so many others out there who brought me lunch, told me jokes, brought me books and crayons (thanks Nan Phelps), walked up and down my 36 stairs with me and just hung out.  I appreciate all of you.

Marie Bowser came to my house 2 days after surgery and performed acupuncture.  Her needles helped reduce swelling, made me comfortable and kickstarted the healing process.

Erika Gimbel brought me Juice Plus tabs which are concentrated fruits and veggies.  I wasn’t that interested in eating for the first critical week and I know Juice Plus is packed with the nutrition a body needs to heal.

And Sheryl Tynes of Thistle and Bone floral designs brought me a gorgeous bouquet that just made me smile.

So, if any of you hipsters out there need a little love and support to promote your good health, please give these lovely women a call.  Trust me, they have magic in their hands.  :)
Joyce Sindel      Marie Bowser       Erika-Gimbel

Thistle & Bone

Baby Henry

I had the most lovely time photographing Henry and his parents the other day.  He’s super adorable and a happy boy.  He seems pleased with himself standing vertical (with a little help from Dad).  As you can see, Henry is also in the drooling phase of life.



Occasionally I get photographed with my clients.  Today I met a new friend who I hope I get to know and photograph as he grows from a little rug-rat into a toddler, school boy and who knows…I guess it’s too early to plan his wedding!Shoey_baby

Rachel Haurwitz, Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 Winner

I get to meet the most interesting people.  In late November, Rachel Haurwitz contacted me needing a headshot and fast.  She had been nominated by Forbes Magazine for the 30 Under 30 Award in the Science category.  Rachel is the co-founder of Caribou Biosciences.  She’ s recent CAL grad and a very vibrant, interesting young woman.   I cannot profess to understand what Caribou Biosciences actually does but it’s cool and will revolutionize medical development and bioengineering.  Here’s what they say on the web site:

Rachel Haurwitz

Caribou Bio is a startup biotechnology company that specializes in the research and development of tools and technologies for cellular engineering and analysis. Caribou Bio’s technologies are based on the unique capabilities of Cas enzymes from the CRISPR prokaryotic immune system. Caribou Bio’s lead technology is the Cas9 enzyme, a highly efficient and easy to use genome editing platform that does not require unique protein development. Cas9-based editing permits multiplex genome engineering by targeting multiple genomic sites in a single experimental step. Caribou Bio’s research tools and technologies will provide transformative capabilities to basic and applied research and development in the drug development, agricultural biotechnology, and industrial biosciences fields.

Our current portfolio relies on the unique properties of proteins and short RNAs from the recently discovered prokaryotic immune system called CRISPR. CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) is a nucleic-acid based immune system that protects bacteria and archaea from invading selfish genetic elements such as bacteriophage, archaeal viruses, and plasmids.

Well, the good news is, Rachel Haurwitz did win a spot among the 30 Under 30 and she has a beautiful photo to go along with it.  I think it’s pretty cool that I am published in Forbes!



Bankers are not all stuffy

Linda is a warm, smart woman who has a heart of gold…and the Midas touch as well as she works as a banker.  Linda came into my studio for a portrait session.  Like many of my clients, she was a bit nervous about getting her portrait taken.  Fortunately, she showed up with a willing spirit and the desire to just have some fun and trust me.  The sky was just starting to sprinkle so we ditched out earlier plans of shooting outdoors and stayed in the studio.  No worries as we created lots of options with different light applications and places in the studio. Studio Portrait In the black and white photo below, I created a Hollywood Glamour shot using one light source to create strong shadows and another to brighten up the background.  Linda provided a perfect sultry look to make this image dramatic and compelling.

We then experimented with natural light for a softer look.  I again used a flash on the brick wall to bring out the background.  Her colors work so well together in this shot.   During our time together, she tried a variety of outfits and accessories, expressions and poses.   I especially love her photos taken with modified window light in my sitting room.  This was toward the end of our session so Linda was quite relaxed and workin’ her model thing.    At the end of our session, Linda told me that she had a great time at her first (and I suspect not last) professional portrait session.

Not everyone can be a banker, but I can make anyone look and feel like a million bucks!   Give yourself or someone you love a gift of beauty.  Holiday gift certificates make a perfect present.

Studio PortraitStudio portrait Shoey Sindel


Georgette Delvaux, Rolfer and Author

Georgette DelvauxI have known Georgette Delvaux for quite a few years.  She was my body worker using Rolfing to treat my unhappy back.  Her magical hands took me from cringing in pain and lying on the floor unable to move to dreaming and actually succeeding in riding my bike to LA.  She’s that good.  And, Georgette is full of humor and motherly advice.  While I was her client, Georgette wrote and published A Barefoot Doctor’s Guide for Women.  The book focuses on hormonal health explaining in a conversational tone how issues related to menstruation, pre-menopause, and menopause can begin as mere annoyances and gradually develop into major problems that affect both body and mind.  She describes the harmful late effects of treating hormonal imbalances with artificial hormones.  Using her supportive and intelligent wisdom, Delvaux takes on other often-taboo topics, encourages women to trust subtle changes in their own sensations, and helps them understand both alternative and conventional medicine.  It’s a good read.  You can purchase your copy in a local book store or on Amazon.

To celebrate the release of her book overseas, Georgette came in for a new portrait.  Isn’t she lovely?  If you want to speak to Dr. Delvaux about Rolfing or about her book please contact her via her web, site click here. And, if you need a portrait for your art or craft or business, please contact me.


Family Portraits: Valerie, Marty and sons

As a photographer, I get to peek into the lifecycle of families and freeze moments for them.  Years later, the family can look at a photo and the memories of that time are conjured up again.  Recently, I photographed a family I’ met years ago.   I met Valerie, Marty, August and Orion when the boys were in preschool with my boys.  I haven’t seen the boys since they were about 5 years old so it was amazing to witness how grown up and delightful the boys-turned-men have become.

They chose a perfect time for a family portrait as they are coming close to changes in their family: one son is a high school grad and working and the other will graduate next year.  Kids grow up, move out, go to college, start their own families.  Where does the time go?

We went to the Blake Gardens in Kensington for the session.   It’s a meaningful place for them so it was a perfect place to take photos.  It’s a little challenging due to the dark or overly contrasty light but we found a few spots that suited them perfectly and where their personalities shined.

family portraitfamilyprints_DSC2122T  teen

Let me know if YOU have a favorite spot that is meaningful to you and your family.  That might be the best place to capture your family’s memories.

Ciao for now,


Composer Wendy Reid and her bird Lulu SIT for a business portrait

I received a call from Wendy the other day.  She needed a business portrait to publicize her upcoming performance a the SF Jazz Center.  Wendy asked if I could photograph her and her bird, Lulu.  I hesitated and I’ll confess why.  It’s not that I can’t photograph people with their animals.  I’ve photographed people and dogs and cats and stuffed animals.  The thing about this is assignment that made me a bit squeamish is that I have a bird phobia.  It all started when as a kid when my nice cat brought me “presents” and left them at the front door.  To this day, when a bird flies near me, I do freak out and have a little panic attack.  Really.

Wendy Reid and Lulu

Wendy and her music sounded so interesting–and she said Lulu would probably not fly–that I chose to give it a try.  Wendy especially liked my idea of having her interact with Lulu during the shoot as to take the focus off Wendy and onto the collaborative and loving relationship between woman and bird.
The shoot went perfectly.  Wendy played me her music which features musicians and electronic sounds riffing off Lulu’s chatter.  It’s very interesting…Click here to hear some of her sounds.
Wendy Reid is a composer and performer known for her Tree Pieces, an on-going set of musical processes.   She performs with her birds Lulu and Shooshoo and guest artist Tom Dambly (Trumpet) all who will be featured on Other Minds 19 at the SF Jazz Center.

Wendy and Lulu said, ” Thank Shoey Sindel for (your) patience, expertise and artistic vision in creating a special photo for this event. ” I want to thank Wendy and Lulu for coming in and especially to Lulu for not flying!

Makeup and Glam Photo Workshop with Terry Alabata

Learned to put on makeup when you were in high school and never updated that look? Or, in my case, never learned to put on makeup? We set out to help change that. Eco makeup artist Terry Alabata came to my studio to teach a makeup workshop. Six women joined in the fun. Terry gave a short lecture on the do’s and don’ts of makeup, taught us the use of specific brushes, how to apply, what kinds of makeup to get and avoid and then she demonstrated application techniques.

A couple of take-aways:

* Terry told us that one should apply eye makeup BEFORE applying foundation.   That way, you get to easily clean up any eye color that has splashed/dropped on your cheeks.

* Darkening one’s eye brows is possibly more important than any other makeup.  Your brows frame your face and keeps your onlookers focused on your eyes.  My eye brows are so blonde that they are usually only visible when I’m sunburned and then they really pop on my pink face.  Wow, when I darkened them, I needed a moment to get used to seeing them and then they really did frame my face and highlighted my eyes!  Cool.

_DSC2234 _DSC2225 _DSC2215 _DSC2213 _DSC2212   _DSC2211

The lovely Celena Peet was our demonstration model who ended up with two different styles of eye shadow.  Both ways looked quite dramatic and beautiful on her.

_DSC2235_DSC2246 _DSC2249_DSC2250

Next came our opportunity to try it on ourselves.  
_DSC2255 _DSC2267 _DSC2264 _DSC2258 _DSC2257


After everyone glammed out, I took them to the back room where we did a little fashion photo shoot.

_DSC2275 _DSC2290 _DSC2326 _DSC2336 _DSC2350_DSC2310Celena’s 2 different eyes.  Which do you prefer?_DSC2316

Of course, I had to get in on it too!_DSC2365

Thanks Terry for a really fun and educational evening!  If you are looking for a makeup artist for a wedding, photo shoot, or to teach you to update your look, contact Terry at or call her at 650-296-4863.   To see her varied style go to


To receive a list of Terry’s list of Eco Beauty Recommendations and Makeup Tips and Tricks, me a note at and I’ll get it to you._DSC2369

Terrific 2s: Leah at Blake Gardens

Whoever described 2 year olds as, “the terrible twos” never met Leah.  What a cutie pie and full of energy.  Leah, her mom and I met at Blake Gardens,  the UC President’s house located in Kensington.  It is a magical place; there are formal gardens, a reflecting pool with koi fish, nooks with cute benches, a red wood grove, informal flower/vegie garden and much, much more.   Leah took to it immediately and had to explore every aspect with a lot of energy.  Sometimes two year olds require a super fast portrait session because they melt down but not Leah.  I went as long as she was willing to go–we spent a whopping 1 1/2 hours exploring, climbing, twirling and playing peek-a-boo.

It’s hard to pare down the images to a few for this sneak peek but I chose a couple.   Whether your child is 2 weeks, 2 years of 2 decades old, book a portrait session and I’ll find their essence and make them shine.